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Rainier Automotive's Top Tips for Fall Car Care Month

It is nearly October, which means it is Fall Car Care Month! At Rainier Automotive, we were hoping you could take a moment and appreciate your car for all it does. This month celebrates a month of vehicle maintenance awareness in the hopes of reminding drivers like you that taking a few maintenance procedures can save you the trouble of a vehicle breakdown. Below are our top tips on what you should check for Fall Car Care Month!

  1. Battery - You simply cannot start your car with a weak or dead battery. To ensure you have successful starts, please ensure that your connections are tight, clean, and corrosion-free. The summer heat could've taken a toll on your battery, so you should also have it tested before fall is in full swing. If it is older than three years old, then you should definitely replace it by default.
  2. Air Filters - You should take some time to check your filters since they are often forgotten. And we're not just referring to the one under the hood. Most vehicles have a cabin air filter that ensures the air inside your car is clean and fresh. Filters are generally not hard to replace. However, if you encounter troubles, feel free to take your vehicle to our shop!
  3. Tires - You shouldalready bechecking your tires' tread depth and pressure every month, not just because it's fall. As you probably know, you can use the 'penny' test to measure your tire's tread depth. It would also help to analyze the wear pattern, as uneven wear could suggest you need an alignment. As for tire pressure, they should be at the recommended psi by your manufacturer. You can look on the driver's door frame sticker or your owner's manual for further guidance.
  4. Brakes - Please make sure all your braking system components, including your brake pads, rotors are in working condition. Even though it's the start of the spooky season, it should not be making any scary sounds, feel spongy, or act strange at all! Good, working brakes are critical to your safety and should be at the top of your checklist!

At Rainier Automotive, we strive always to put you and your safety first! We want you to feel safe and comfortable throughout the Fall and Winter. So, if your vehicle needs service, please do not wait for it to become an extensive and expensive repair. Give us a call or visit today!

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