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Signs of Brake Wear: How to Recognize When Your Brakes Need Attention

Signs of Brake Wear: How to Recognize When Your Brakes Need Attention in Maple Valley, WA

Undoubtedly, good brake pads benefit your vehicle in many ways. For example, they help the braking system deliver optimal performance. Therefore, paying close attention to your automobile's brake pads is crucial because you will know when to repair or replace them.

Below are the common signs that will help you recognize when your brakes need professional attention.

Unresponsive Brakes

The hydraulic system might have an issue if your brakes become unresponsive. Usually, pressing your foot against the brake pedal should make you feel an immediate speed reduction. Therefore, you should consider any delay in brake effect a warning sign.

Vibration and Grinding

Do you usually hear grinding or growling noises when you apply the brakes? That's a symptom that your brake pads might be worn out completely. Never allow your brakes to reach this point to avoid severely damaging your rotors.

The Vehicle Pulls Upon Hitting the Brakes

Usually, your vehicle shouldn't pull in a specific direction when you brake. If this happens, the likelihoods are high that the brake pads are wearing out unevenly. To prevent this problem from worsening, you should check the condition of the pads regularly.

Weird Sounds

Sometimes your vehicle might make an irritating screeching sound. This odd sound indicates that your vehicle's braking system is not in its best working order. In addition, a high-pitched squeal sound signals metal contacting metal due to worn-down brake pads.

Strange Sightings

Whether you are a vehicle expert or not doesn't matter. Visual inspection is easy as you only need a flashlight to look through your automobile's wheels' spokes. Standard brake pads should feature at least a quarter-inch pad depth.

In conclusion, the common symptoms that indicate your vehicle's brakes need repair or replacement range from unresponsive brakes to strange sounds and sightings. With that said, we figured out that you might need brake service. If so, please don't hesitate to bring your automobile to Rainier Automotive in Maple Valley, WI immediately before things worsen.

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