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6 Tips for Night Time Driving

Driving at night is risky. According to the National Safety Council, the rate of traffic deaths during night driving is three times greater than day time. But still, these accidents are avoidable if you keep yourself on the road by following appropriate safety tips.

6 Safety Tips for Night Time Driving

1. Being extra defensive

Most of the fatal accidents that occur at night are a result of drinking and driving. According to the severe incidents, it is clear that alcohol impairment is a major distraction to drivers. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not drink and drive to always keep your defensive driving instincts on high alert. If you suspect another driver is drunk, It's best to distance yourself or inform the authorities.

2. Combat fatigue

Midnight and 6 am are usually the most critical times while driving. The most reported cases of fatal accidents are a result of sleepy drivers. Extreme fatigue is also a vice, so you should have caffeine or pull over for the night whenever you feel tired.

3. Clear up your view

Windshields and headlights are a major safety concern. When the headlights and sunlight hit a dirty or damaged windshield, it causes a blinding glare. Dust may also build up on the inner part. Therefore, cleaning the inner and outer parts of your headlights and windshield is essential or taking them for repair.

4. Avoid two-lane highways

As a fact, these roads turn out to have sharper curves and hills than a freeway. These lanes often have lower overall light, so you should take a safer route at night.

5. Slow down

As a safety measure, always adjust the speed to consider conditions such as visibility. Slowing down reduces the chances of a head-on collision and unnecessary hits.

6. Angle your headlights slowly

If the beams are tilted down too much, it will affect the illumination the same as the time when the same beam is tilted too high; it will blind oncoming drivers. Always prioritize the initiative to make it pointed correctly.
It's always safe to keep your eyes on the road and look out for wildlife and pedestrians. You can also look in the right direction, tweak your inside light and always test and use your lights before driving. If your headlights or windshields are broken, visit Rainier Automotive today.

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